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The Many Faces of Batman

Lewis Wilson - Batman 1943 (serial)

Robert Lowery - Batman and Robin 1949 (serial)

Adam West - Batman: The Movie 1966

Michael Keaton - Batman 1989/Batman Returns

Kevin Conroy - Batman: Mask of the Phantasm

Val Kilmer - Batman Forever

George Clooney - Batman & Robin

Christian Bale - Batman Begins/The Dark Knight/The Dark Knight Rises

Nice photo set for Batman day.

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Happy Batman Day! And for those of you at San Diego Comic-Con… ugh. Lucky.

Some news from Marvel today:

And from DC Comics:

  • DC is celebrating Batman Day with a few fun exclusives, including masks and shirts. Please be safe when celebrating and do not attempt to recreate the Caped Crusader’s origins.
  • CBR posted an interview with some hints about the new season of Arrow.

If you have any newsworthy tips or news (especially from SDCC!), do the Internet a favor and drop us a note. Until next time, marlene out!

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